Devices activated over the holiday were big ‘ol phablets

According to them, a phablet is anything else above 5 inches and beneath 6.9 inches, a class which incorporates as regards to each and every top Android flagship that’s been launched over the previous few years. Flurry says a medium telephone is anything else with a display among 3.5 and 4.9 inches — a show measurement we haven’t noticed round those portions in fairly a while.

By comparability, medium-sized telephones on iOS gained through a landslide, which will in large part be attributed to iPhone 6S gross sales. Phablet-sized devices like the 6 Plus? Only 12%. So, what’s this knowledge in point of fact telling us? Only that Android customers aren’t given so much selection with regards to higher-sized smartphones. It’s take it, or get one thing smaller, less expensive, and decrease-finish.

Also value noting is how the Galaxy S6 — in spite of the general measurement being relatively smaller than the iPhone 6S — continues to be categorised as a “phablet” way to its 5.1-inch show. So, yeah. This knowledge is only a tad bit skewed.