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Devices activated over the holiday were big ‘ol phablets

According to them, a phablet is anything else above 5 inches and beneath 6.9 inches, a class which incorporates as regards to each and every top Android flagship that’s been launched over the previous few years. Flurry says a medium telephone is anything else with a display among 3.5 and 4.9 inches — a show measurement we haven’t noticed round those portions in fairly a while.

By comparability, medium-sized telephones on iOS gained through a landslide, which will in large part be attributed to iPhone 6S gross sales. Phablet-sized devices like the 6 Plus? Only 12%. So, what’s this knowledge in point of fact telling us? Only that Android customers aren’t given so much selection with regards to higher-sized smartphones. It’s take it, or get one thing smaller, less expensive, and decrease-finish.

Also value noting is how the Galaxy S6 — in spite of the general measurement being relatively smaller than the iPhone 6S — continues to be categorised as a “phablet” way to its 5.1-inch show. So, yeah. This knowledge is only a tad bit skewed.

Samsung Gear S

Someday soon, smartwatches might be devices that work totally on their own, no phone necessary: as a connected Web browser, a music player, a fitness device. But the Samsung Gear S is not exactly that magic watch. Yes, it can do a surprising number of things. But it still needs a Samsung phone to make most features work. It runs Samsung’s limited Tizen software and dedicated Gear apps, closing it off from the richer ecosystem of Google’s Android Wear. And it requires a connected data plan to even use it as a cellular device.

For some of my time with the Gear S, I paired it with a Samsung phone. But for most of the time, I tried using it on its own, as a true independent smartwatch. Well, I should say “independent,” because if you’re going to use a Gear S, you’re still best off bringing a phone along.

Editor’s note: Updated November 26, 2014, with additional impressions of stand-alone apps and a correction on the Nike+ app’s capabilities.